Lorraine Kelly says Piers Morgan is "a very kind man".

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 60-year-old TV presenter has been working alongside the 55-year-old broadcaster on 'Good Morning Britain' since her ITV chat show 'Lorraine' was temporarily axed to minimise the number of staff entering the studio during the pandemic, and thinks he is secretly delightful to be around.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: "It was only for a couple of days while Susanna Reid was off, but he was great. He gets very annoyed with me saying this because he thinks it's bad for his image, but he's actually a very kind man.

"I know he can be a terrier, but it's because he cares."

Lorraine - who has 24-year-old daughter Rosie with husband Steve Smith - has continued to work throughout the coronavirus lockdown as she is considered a key worker, but she has been unable to see her parents or her daughter.

Rosie has been living in Singapore for four years, and is now stuck abroad as she doesn't want to risk getting on a flight.

Lorraine explained: "She said it's hard to get flights and is worried if she comes back on the plane where everybody is together for 14 hours, she could get it.

"What she doesn't want to do is return home and give it to us, but when she's home she will self-isolate.

"It's hard to plan anything right now, but I would imagine she won't get home until at least the end of May."

To keep her mind at bay, Lorraine has kept herself busy by doing chores around the house, but has noticed her dog Angus has a better social life than she does during quarantine.

She added: "Hilariously, my dog Angus has a better social life than me. He's going to a party next door with Tigger, my neighbour's rescue dog, so we're all isolating but dropping him off at the front door.

"It's come to something when your dog has a better social life than you. We can't have parties now, but oh goodness me, what celebrations there will be when we can!"