Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

After one of the most dramatic weeks in Love Island history, it seems there’s no sign of the show slowing down as producers have invited memorable former Islander Adam Collard, to make a dramatic return.

Before he makes his grand entrance, however, the couples safe from the public vote must make a decision: will they save Dami and Summer or, Jay and Chyna?

Later that evening, a conflicted Tasha decides to cool things off with Billy, despite giving Andrew his ring back that he sent to her whilst she was in Casa Amor.

Billy says to Tasha: “I can’t just be a ping pong back and forwards, it’s doing my head in. Because when I’m with a girl, I’m with a girl.”

Tasha admits she’s been thinking all day about what route to take, and says: “It’s hard for me because you’ve both got different qualities and different personalities and I’m attracted to both of you, do you know what I mean? We hit it off straight away, I’m not denying that at all.”

Pouring ice on the flame of their potential romance, could it be back on for Tasha and Andrew, and, will Billy find love elsewhere in the villa?

Jacques is also struggling to tell Paige how he feels, so he pulls out his phone and, before reading the message he had written down for Paige, says: “I’ve got something to say to you. I was in bed last night and I thought I wanna tell you, because sometimes I get flustered when we’re speaking so I just thought if I put it down for you, you might be able to listen to me.”

As a new day dawns, Billy receives a text which sends the boys out of the villa for some rest and relaxation. Little do they know, that the girls have their own surprise on the way.

Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

Walking in, Adam says: “I think the Villa needs spicing up and I’m the perfect man for the job.”

Keen to get to know some of the girls better right away, Adam pulls Paige for a chat which leaves her beaming from ear to ear.

Speaking about Adam, Paige admits: “I feel like he has a lot of potential, he is ticking a good few of my boxes.”

Is it too little, too late for Jacques and Paige now there’s a new hunk on the block?

Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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