Davide is left feeling hurt / Picture Credit: ITV
Davide is left feeling hurt / Picture Credit: ITV

Love Island continues tonight (June 17th, 2022) with plenty of fallout, after Ekin-Su and Jay shared a few secret kisses on the terrace. Whilst it was camp and hilarious for audiences to watch the two crawling along the floor, the news breaking to the rest of the Islanders has left Davide in particular feeling upset.

Keen to know exactly what is going on, Davide asks Jay: "Were you on the terrace with Ekin-Su?" Jay doesn't lie and admits the pair were together.

Then going over to Ekin-Su, with whom he is currently coupled, he says: "You were not on the terrace, no? Liar."

He adds: "This is the reason why I was not opening myself because I am scared to be hurt from a woman like you. I hope you find the love of your life because me and you are closed.”

Leaving the conversation and instead pulling Paige and Gemma for a chat, Ekin-Su confesses: “Jay walks in here and I felt great, I am going with my feelings, end of… Let him moan. Yes, I kissed him [Jay], so what? He’s [Davide] not said I am his girlfriend, technically it’s not cheating.”

As Jay and Ekin-Su continue to get to know one another, will Davide be able to move on and potentially find love with someone else in the villa?

Jay and Ekin-Su grow closer / Picture Credit: ITV
Jay and Ekin-Su grow closer / Picture Credit: ITV

Later on in tonight's episode, Islanders get a text inviting them to take part in the next challenge, which sees the girls perform a seductive sea-themed dance for the boy of their choice.

One by one, the ladies emerge from a giant clam shell, before sliding into a pool and wrapping around a pole, then choosing their 'catch of the day' - one of the boys to impress on the pool bed.

With Dami and Andrew getting a little flustered and overexcited following their dances from Amber and Tasha, will Remi be treated by Indiyah or, will she be sticking with Ikenna?

Ekin-Su meanwhile plants a kiss on Davide's cheek, but will she treat him to a dance or, has she officially decided to move on and make waves with Jay?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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