Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

Tasha is left bemused in tonight’s (June 16th, 2022) episode of Love Island, as she feels Jay is trying to cause a divide between her and Andrew.

With all of the boys gathered in the garden, Jay tells Andrew: "I won't lie man, I think you and Tasha might not be as strong as you think. I feel like maybe you're more emotionally invested than she is."

The comment came after Tasha told Jay that it would ‘take a lot’ for her head to be turned, but that she is still interested in getting to know people despite being coupled up with Andrew and, the pair spending a night in the Hideaway.

Chatting to Tasha about Jay's remarks later on, Andrew says: "At the end of the day a new guy has come in and he's said his point of view, he wasn't sure why one minute you were wanting it and the next minute not wanting it. Everyone's allowed their opinion, for me I don't really care, the only opinion for me is mine and yours and I am happy."

Then talking in the Beach Hut, Tasha says: "I think Jay is trying to put a wedge in between me and Andrew and I don't appreciate it." Not one to sit and wait for things to explode, she pulls Jay for a chat.

Meanwhile, Gemma airs her feelings to Luca and says to him: "You've probably noticed I am being a little bit off the last day. What initially attracted me to you is that you didn't give a sh*t but I've seen a different side to you, which I do like but I don't want to feel that's us two married off now and that's it."

Luca replies: "Why are we married off?" before adding: "Listen we both like each other and we will see how it goes." Is there trouble in paradise already for the pair? Could heads be turned?

New Islander Remi is keen to continue grafting the girls, and pulls Indiyah for a chat before the boy she's coupled up with, Ikenna, interrupts their conversation.

Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

Speaking to Indiyah away from Remi, Ikenna says: "Are you happy with how things are going... 100% but you should know you are all in though, I will tell you straight, all the time, I am very real."

Not one to waste any time, Remi then turns his attention to Amber and asks how she's getting on with her villa partner, Dami.

She replies: "I thought it was going good, I don't know if it's because you guys have come in or we've just got to this little hurdle, he's obviously asked about you guys."

Dami hovers around the pair before pulling Amber aside, admitting: “I like you and I haven’t said that to you before.”

With Remi buzzing around both Indiyah and Amber, could they be pulled away from their couples?

Elsewhere, Ekin-Su, who is currently coupled up with Davide, has made no secret of the fact she's interested in getting to know new boy Jay.

As she and Jay crawl along the terrace floor, seeming to prepare for a secret kiss, nobody knows where they are. Doing it again the next evening, the pair are caught out by the other Islanders.

Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

Ekin-Su later gathers with Paige and Gemma around the fire pit, and says: "Girls you deserve to know this right now, I am going to say it. So for the past two days, two nights, I've been meeting up with Jay on the terrace and getting quite close with him..."

What does that mean for Ekin-Su and Davide? Are hearts about to be broken?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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