Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

Heads are turning left, right, up and down as the original Love Island Islanders get to know the new arrivals. The girls are at Casa Amor with six new lads, whilst the boys in the main villa welcomed six new girls to the place, all looking for their significant other.

Tonight’s (July 5th, 2022) episode sees Paige pull Billy for a chat, but he’s left feeling a little disheartened when she makes it clear that their relationship will never blossom past a friendship stage.

Being straight up, she says: “I know we’ve been getting on really, really well we’re like bantering and laughing and stuff but from my end I’ve been seeing it as a friendship, nothing else.”

Adding that her “head is definitely still with Jacques”, Billy thanks her for the honesty and instantly goes to work setting his eyes on a new girl in the villa…

Meanwhile, Tasha is seeking advice from her gal pals on what she should do whilst at Casa Amor.

Sitting at the pool area with Danica and Indiyah, she admits: “Me and Billy have been having quite a few conversations, I get along with him very well. We bounce off each other really, really well.”

Tasha adds that Billy has got more of a “playful, funny kind of side” when compared to Andrew, who she is currently coupled up with.

Indiyah then tells her: “It’s easier said than done, but don’t care about what people think. People can have their opinions but this is your journey.”

Danica adds: “There doesn’t need to be something missing, but sometimes someone just brings more.”

Over at the gym, Ekin-Su questions Gemma about her thoughts on Davide, asking: “Do you think where me and Davide are quite fresh, and quite new, do you think there is a possibility that he would probably explore? Or would he have faith in me? Because I’m starting to overthink. What do you think?”

Gemma responds: “The thing is Ekin, he’s swallowed his pride a little bit to make things work again. I definitely think he’ll be having conversations, and I definitely think he’ll be flirting but when it comes down to the final point, I would say he would stick with you.”

On the pool beds, Samuel later gives his own advice to some of his fellow Casa Amor residents.

Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

When Ekin-Su asks what he thinks of Jacques, Samuel says: “He’s quite a cheeky chappy guy…. What I also believe is quite clear is you [Paige] like him more than he likes you, just an observation. It’s not just that alone, but he’s aware of it which is why in a sense, he has had power in different ways in the relationship that you may not have realised.”

The newcomer adds: “He’s disrespected you in some arguments that he shouldn’t have done. Now, if they put a girl in there that is confident, very flirtatious, that is as good looking as you and she applies pressure onto him, and goes forward on to him his head could potentially turn…. He’s just one of those that in a flirty situation, he’s definitely flirting back.”

Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

In the main villa, Jacques is perhaps proving Samuel right, when he vows to crack on.

Chatting to Dami and Andrew, he admits: “I woke up in a filthy mood sulking and that, and the next minute I’m thinking ‘what am I doing?’ I’m just thinking about Paige, I’m thinking I can’t be like this, it’s not me.”

He continues: “I literally said to myself, I feel like this because I’m feeling about Paige’s feelings, I’m not thinking about mine.”

Dami says: “It’s your own journey as well you know.”

Jacques then concludes: “I need to put myself out there. How do I know if what I’ve got with Paige is so good if I don’t even give it another chance with someone else? For me to do that, I need to crack on. I can’t be sat around here and sulking for someone else.”

Later on, Andrew pulls Coco for a chat, hoping to discuss the kiss the pair had enjoyed the night before on the terrace.

Picture Credit: ITV
Picture Credit: ITV

Andrew says: “What I have with you is obviously pretty good and I do wanna explore that.”

Coco responds about her own feelings: “I don’t really feel like there’s anyone else. I didn’t expect to get on with you as well as I did to be honest, it actually shocked me.”

Andrew goes on to say: “I didn’t expect to get into bed with you and just literally be laughing the entire night. That’s definitely something me and Tasha did not have. I’ve woken up pretty happy to be fair.”

The evening comes around, and Danica offers some advice to both Tasha and Indiyah, saying: “I wouldn’t lie to you, if I didn’t think there was maybe a little vibe for both of you in here. And I think you maybe owe it to yourself to go with the flow a bit.”

Indiyah admits she was having a chat to herself, and agrees: “Things seem so serious and heightened here. Just because I have a good chemistry and a great connection with Dami, it doesn’t mean the one with Deji isn’t good. It’s just not the same.”

Whether the pair will be able to enjoy the night, let loose and have fun though, remains to be seen.

Billy however, doesn't want to waste any more time. He asks Tasha where her head is at, to which she responds: “It’s weird, you bring out this playful, flirty side out of me. I haven’t had that with Andrew. I do feel like there’s a bit of a vibe here definitely.”

He agrees: “I could always see through that you’ve got that fun side but I haven’t seen it yet.”

Then hinting that Tasha would love another smooch from him following the one they shared in a challenge, he leans in to seal the deal; but will she respond?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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