Mel Giedroyc's first performance with Sue Perkins was "shambolic".

Mel Giedroyc admits her first performance with Sue Perkins was a shambles

Mel Giedroyc admits her first performance with Sue Perkins was a shambles

The 55-year-old actress became known to TV audiences when she and fellow comedienne Sue, 53, fronted hits such as 'Light Lunch' and 'The Great British Bake Off' together but admitted that they hadn't even learned their lines for their first performance of a double act 30 years ago.

She told The Sunday Times: "Our first double act was in 1993 and was called Naked Brunch. It was on at 10am — not exactly a great time for a comedy show — at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Sue’s dad took a punt on us, lending us £2,000. It was shambolic: we read half of it from a folder as we didn’t know the lines. Our mate Jez Butterworth, who we went to Cambridge University with and who went on to write the play Jerusalem, came to our second show. He was one of three in the audience and howled with laughter. I’m not sure he found it funny, but he found the situation amusing."

The TV star also revealed that when growing up she always dreamed of being a presenter on 'Blue Peter' and went to great lengths to meet Lesley Judd, who fronted the children's TV staple in the 1970s.

She added: "I was always obsessed with the idea of being a 'Blue Peter' presenter. A friend and I created the Lesley Judd fan club and charged £2 for membership. We had five members who we basically stole from because we gave nothing in return.

"Once we pretended to be violin players to get into a youth concert to meet her as she was presenting the event. When we explained to her that we were her biggest fans, she looked scared and barricaded herself in her dressing room."

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