Recently, Apple TV+ revealed the trailer and first look images at new sci-fi drama series starring Sam Neill, Shamier Anderson, and Shioli Kutsuna.

Set across various locations around the world, Invasion shows an alien invasion through the eyes of multiple characters as planet Earth seems to be in colossal danger.

The trailer for ten-part series Invasion shows a bleak, almost hopeless side of mankind, as the world and all its human inhabitants seem broken by the imminent danger facing them.

Just as a book is split into different chapters and seen through the lens of different characters, it appears as though Invasion will also adopt this way of storytelling; whether a different perspective will be seen each episode, or if we will witness multiple within the same episode is unclear, but remains a very exciting prospect.

Sam Neill in Invasion / Picture Credit: Apple TV+
Sam Neill in Invasion / Picture Credit: Apple TV+

While the concept of aliens and making first contact has been done before, Invasion offers a possibly new and unique take on this idea, making it a series to keep your eye on.

The trailer shows Neill, who we all know from his iconic role in Jurassic Park (1993), as a sheriff in what we can assume to be America; we see Anderson (Awake) as a soldier, in perhaps multiple locations; and we’re shown Kutsuna (Deadpool 2), whose character works for NASA.

These three characters alone suggest a wide spectrum of jobs, genders, backgrounds and so on, representing different types of people around the world; something that is very important to many people that movies and shows include.

Shamier Anderson in Invasion / Picture Credit: Apple TV+
Shamier Anderson in Invasion / Picture Credit: Apple TV+

Fear, destruction, hopelessness and desperation is seen as the world as we know it fills with explosions and death. Perhaps, however, humanity still has something left to give in the face of dire adversity; perhaps, humans can fight back against whatever it is that’s taking over their planet.

The first look images showcase Neill, Anderson and Kutsuna in their roles as a sheriff, soldier and NASA employee respectively, and each still shows something unique about this upcoming drama.

Each character has a look of focus and concern on their faces, with hints of hope hidden away. These characters seem to know their way around their jobs, but of course, an alien invasion isn’t something they’re likely to be trained for.

Invasion looks to have the ammunition to deal with themes of panic, worry and destruction, while also instilling a small beacon of hope within its narrative.

Shioli Kutsuna / Picture Credit: Apple TV+
Shioli Kutsuna / Picture Credit: Apple TV+

Coming from Boat Rocker Studios, Invasion is written and executive produced by Simon Kinberg and David Weil. In addition to directing, Jakob Verbruggen serves as executive producer.

Audrey Chon, Amy Kaufman and Elisa Ellis serve as executive producers alongside Andrew Baldwin, who also writes; Katie O’Connell Marsh will serve as executive producer for Boat Rocker Studios.

Invasion will premiere on Apple TV+ on October 22nd, 2021 with the first three episodes.

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Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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