Nicholas Lyndhurst “is the most talented actor” Kelsey Grammer has ever worked with.

Nicolas Lyndhurst 'is the most talented actor' that Kelsey Grammer has ever worked with

Nicolas Lyndhurst 'is the most talented actor' that Kelsey Grammer has ever worked with

The ‘Only Fools And Horses’ legend, 62, is appearing alongside Kelsey in the reboot of ‘Frasier’ for Paramount+, with the 68-year-old having nothing but kind words to say about his co-star.

He told Deadline: “Nick Lyndhurst. He’s stealth warfare. He is just the sneakiest most talented actor I’ve ever worked with.

“We worked together in ­London on the musical, Man of La Mancha [in 2019].

"We made plans to get [our partners] together and we became best friends. So when the idea of Frasier having a best friend came into the mix, it was always Nicholas.

“I asked him when we were back in England if he’d like to be in the new Frasier. He said, 'Are you kidding? I would do anything to work with you again every day for the rest of my life.' The feeling is mutual.”

Kelsey also gushed about the rebooted show, and emphasised that he was confident it would continue to thrive, with well “over 100 episodes” already written.

He said: “We do have really talented writers who will come up with ideas and we’ll discuss it. It’s a collaborative effort.”

Previously, the programme’s casting director Jeff Greenberg admitted that he did not know Nicolas or his work on the fan-favourite BBC comedy show, but was immediately taken by how amazingly talented he was once he arrived on set.

He told “I’ve never worked with [Nicholas] before and don’t really know his work as well as everyone in the UK. He is a revelation, he is so fantastic. He is really outstanding in this part, he is truly hilarious.

“I really wasn’t as familiar with him as I could have been, and he just bowled me over. He’s just incredible.”