David Beckham told Pat Sharp that he was a huge fan of 'Fun House'.

David Beckham was starstruck when he met Pat Sharp

David Beckham was starstruck when he met Pat Sharp

The former England football captain was totally star-struck when he met Pat, 61, at an event with his wife Victoria Beckham, and had to tell him that he was an avid watcher of the radio DJ's ITV game show, which was for children and aired between 1989 and 1999.

Fun House was famous for its Grand Prix go-karting race and twin cheerleaders, Melanie Grant and Martina Grant who supported the red team and yellow team respectively.

Pat told the Daily Star newspaper: “People will say, ‘I liked you on Capital Radio,’ but most people say ‘Fun House’.

“I’ve even had David Beckham do that. Victoria ushered me across with her finger and I sat next to her. She said, ‘I just want to say I heard you on the radio today and you mentioned my autobiography. You didn’t take the mick, you were just nice and that was really kind.’ In the meantime, David Beckham was just staring at me, sitting next to her. And he goes, ‘I loved ‘Fun House.’ I said, ‘Cool! I like your football.'"

Pat described his encounter with 47-year-old David - who has sons Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 20, and Cruz, 17, and daughter Harper, 11, with the Spice Girl turned fashion designer- “the pinnacle” of all his other fan exchanges.

He added: “When the England captain says he loved ‘Fun House’ that’s the pinnacle.”