Paul Burrell feared he would drown after signing up for ‘The Real Full Monty’.

Paul Burrell thought he was going to drown

Paul Burrell thought he was going to drown

The ex-royal butler - who worked for the late Princess Diana before she died aged 36 in 1997 - struggled when he was taken to a swimming pool to learn how to get out of the boat with the rest of the cast of the ITV1 like drag performer Ella Vaday, 35, Vanessa Bauer, 27, Pete Wicks, 35, and Gemma Collins, 42, who dubbed him a “bigger drama queen than” herself.

The 65-year-old TV star told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: “There’ll be some shots of me walking down Wimbledon High Street naked — that was challenging.

“I can’t swim either, but they forgot to ask me that, and then we went to Lakeside, I thought we were going shopping. We weren’t, we were going swimming. Trying to get me out of the boat and into the water was the biggest mission.

“I was screaming. Gemma Collins shouted, ‘Shut up, you old tart, you’re a bigger drama queen than me!’. Thankfully, I had a life jacket on.

“I got in the water and I was towed ashore by the two Ashleys before being landed like a beached whale on the bank. I thought they might harpoon me at one stage.”

Paul attributed to appearing on this year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity: All Stars’ - which included other stars such as Carol Vorderman, 62, Helen Flanagan, 33, Janice Dickinson, 68, and many others camping in the South African jungle - for helping him nip prostate cancer in the bud as he “would never have known” about it.

He said: “If I hadn’t been doing the jungle, I would never have known, and I would be in the late stages now.

“I could have been gone now and not even known what was wrong with me.”