At Christmas, we’ll see Peter Capaldi’s version of The Doctor on Doctor Who regenerate, with Jodie Whittaker stepping into the role, as a female-bodied Doctor takes centre-stage for the first time. So what should we expect from the regeneration scene? They’ve been mighty affairs in the past.

Peter Capaldi during some of his first Doctor Who scenes

Peter Capaldi during some of his first Doctor Who scenes

Speaking with Digital Spy, Capaldi teased: “It was great, it was lovely, because we spent the whole day doing it, and it’s quite a big scene, and so we didn’t short-change it.”

He continued: “Obviously it’s emotional – because you’re also saying goodbye to the people that you’ve been working with for nearly four years and that’s tough.

“Also, a lot of people came to visit – a lot of people decided that that was a great day to come and see what was happening! But I didn’t mind that. It was lovely.”

Chatting about the scene itself, he said: “I felt [showrunner] Steven [Moffat] had written something very beautiful, and very right for my Doctor, so I was just happy to try and do my best with it.”

Not only will the Christmas special episode be the last for Capaldi’s Doctor, but it’ll be the last time we see Pearl Mackie in the role of companion Bill, at least for the foreseeable future.

Moffat will also be exiting the show, with Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall coming on board to replace him.

Doctor Who returns this Christmas before making a comeback for a new series in autumn 2018.

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