Ralf Little is worried about his career following his shock exit from 'Death In Paradise'.

Ralf Little's career fears after Death In Paradise exit

Ralf Little's career fears after Death In Paradise exit

The 44-year-old actor played DI Neville Parker on the BBC drama for four years and although he has admitted that his departure was the best thing for the story, he revealed he still worries about his next acting role.

Speaking on Kate Thornton's 'White Wine Question Time' Ralf explained: "It’s not always a bed of roses.

"I genuinely believe that until you are Ryan Gosling or at that level, that underlying, nagging feeling of, ‘What if this is the last job I get?’ I’m not sure that ever goes away.

"It’s a weirdly mentally tough profession."

However, Ralf insisted there are huge advantages to being an actor and he feels blessed with his career success.

He said: "You can’t buy going on stage at the BAFTAs and getting an award, you can’t buy playing in Soccer Aid against Zinedine Zidane.

"It’s those moments where I go, ‘I am so lucky’."

Ralf previously opened up about his departure from the show, explaining he would have loved to have played Parker for another 20 years but he felt the character's story needed to be wrapped up.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he said: "This last series was always going to be my last series. I had talks with the BBC, and with [production company] Red Planet, and we all agreed that it just felt… if it was in my heart, like if it was just a heart decision, I'd have wanted to do it for 20 more years.

"But just for the show, and for my character Neville, it just sort of felt like his story… it deserved to be finished, and his journey deserved to be completed and he deserved a nice happy ending. And so it just felt right."

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