EastEnders' £87 million set has been hit with a rat outbreak.

The BBC called pest control after rats were spotted in the EastEnders prop store

The BBC called pest control after rats were spotted in the EastEnders prop store

The BBC were forced to call pest control after the rogue rodents were spotted in the soap's prop store, where they had been chowing down on props and making themselves at home in Albert Square.

According to The Sun newspaper, a report stated: "Attended site for call-out due to reported rat activity in the EastEnders prop store mezzanine floor.

"A thorough visual inspection was carried out showing chewed products/ nesting material."

A source told the publication: "'EastEnders' has always tried to represent London and that’s become a little too true with an outbreak of rats.

"No one wants to see rodents at work and they have been causing a headache by chewing props and leaving droppings everywhere."

But Walford's pint-guzzling characters shouldn't be too concerned just yet, because the gnawing nuisance-causers are yet to infiltrate the fictional boozer.

The source added: "Thankfully none have made it into the Queen Vic - yet."

However, the BBC soap insisted there isn't an "infestation" of the rodents running amok in Albert Square, but admitted "specialists" have been called to deal with uninvited furry guests at times.

An EastEnders spokeswoman said: "There is no rat infestation at 'EastEnders' but on the odd occasion, if we have suspected an unauthorised visit from a furry visitor, we have called in the specialists."

This comes after popular 'EastEnders' star Lorraine Stanley bowed out of the BBC soap as Karen Taylor earlier this month.

But, ironically, she has gone on to land the role of Queen Rat in pantomime 'Dick Whittington' at the Kings Theatre Portsmouth this year.

She said in a statement: "Having grown up in Portsmouth, it gives me great pleasure to be playing Queen Rat at The Kings Theatre, a venue I have visited since I was a child. I am really looking forward to performing on stage in this beautiful theatre for all my friends and family and the fantastic Pompey audiences.

"I’ve heard such great things about The Pompey Panto so getting to be a part of it is going to be brilliant fun! Get your tickets and practice your Boo-ing because I guarantee this Queen Rat is going to be a real baddie."

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