Roxanne Pallett has quit 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Roxanne Pallett

Roxanne Pallett

The 35-year-old actress walked out of the house after claiming that during a play fight she was "punched" by co-star Ryan Thomas "like a boxer would punch a bag" and accused him of being a "woman beater".

A CBB spokesperson said: "Roxanne has decided to leave the BB House. The remaining housemates have been informed."

Ryan was given a warning after the incident with Roxanne, but she was blasted by celebrities and the public, who insisted that Ryan did not hurt her.

And the pair were seen making up on Friday's (31.08.18) show as Ryan said he did not intend to upset her.

He said: "I want you to know from the bottom of my heart I was showing my affection. Maybe it came across wrong and I really do apologise if it came across that way. For the sake of your little time in here, and my time here and everyone else's, put it to bed."

An emotional Roxanne replied: "I'm not questioning your integrity. I just felt shocked and it threw me."

Ryan added that he hoped the pair could "make it right", saying: "Let's just sort it out and make everyone else smile and move forward. I don't want this to be our ending, I don't want this to be your ending, I don't want this to be my ending. It won't because we're not gonna let that happen, let's just make this right."

Roxanne then extended her hand to Ryan, who accepted her handshake.

Speaking about the incident, Roxanne's representative said: "Roxanne has no contact with the outside world to make her own statement, however we do know that Roxanne has worked closely with various domestic violence charities due to being a victim of domestic violence herself.

"She would be very upset to find out she may have caused offence to others who have been through the same. We can't make any more comment at present until such time as Roxanne is out of the 'Big Brother' house and is able to address this situation herself."