Ryan Thomas broke down in tears after Roxanne Pallett accused him of assaulting her.

Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas

The 'Coronation Street' actor called himself a "broken man" after the 'Emmerdale' actress reacted to their play fight on 'Celebrity Big Brother' by alleging he had punched her in the ribs and claiming she was too scared to sleep in the same room as him.

On Saturday's (01.09.18) episode of 'CBB', he sobbed: "I've done nothing, I don't understand how she can do this. I don't understand it.'

"I've got to get this show back on the road now and I have to make amends, I don't feel like I'm the one making amends but I'll be the bigger person. I'm not going to lie, it's broken me a little, and if I've offended someone, or done something wrong, I am so sorry. But I will not walk away from this, I'm not a quitter, I'm genuinely not."

Ryan, 34, also accused the 35-year-old actress of making up the allegations for more airtime.

He said: "I just walked past her in the kitchen, it's how I've been showing affection. I'm trying to show affection to everyone I can. But she's dragging it out, for what? More air time. She knows what she's doing, it's not her first barbecue."

Roxanne - who has been blasted by fellow celebrities and fans of the show for falsely accusing Ryan and has since left the house - accusing Ryan of being manipulative.

She said: "I need to speak to producers because of what Ryan did to me, and he's lying.

"Ben [Jardine], Jermaine [Pennant] and Dan [Osborne] have been amazing, but he's trying to manipulate them into thinking that I'm making this up, I'm not making it up. I feel really lost, and uncomfortable.

"I'm not enjoying this anymore because of him, he's calculating and tarnishing my reputation because he's saying it's an act, it's not an act. If it's an act then I don't want an award."

However, Ryan apologised and insisted he meant no harm.

He said: "I'm really sorry Roxy, I'm sorry I made you feel like this and I'm absolutely heartbroken that you would feel this way.

'I had no idea, honestly I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I was showing my affection and it came across the wrong way. I didn't want you to feel like that, ever."

And Roxanne later decided to leave the house after Ben was evicted and she heard fans calling for her to be kicked out.

She said: "No one likes me. You took my favourite person away, how am I going to get through this s**t now. I can't do this anymore, I want to go home, I need to be around normal people.

"This is awful to be isolated like this, I'm done. I'd rather work in a corner shop for the rest of my life and be on rations than put myself through this.

"I don't need the fame or fortune for this, I can't do it, I need out, I'm going home."

Ryan admitted he felt relieved when he heard that the public was on his side.

He said: "She nearly ruined me, if I'm honest if I'm really really honest, it was tough what you put us through tonight it was really tough.

"But, the one thing I was so happy about was because they were saying 'get Roxy out' and I knew it was going to be okay. I needed to hear that because I was so scared I let everyone down.

"I'm telling you after this, I'm going to throw all of my emotion, and hopefully there's no more curve-balls. It's done, put it to bed, move on. Thank you for everything, I can't thank you enough."