Sally Ann Matthews has been accused of "body shaming" after she said Hardeep Singh Kohli should be "forced" to wear clothes on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Sally Ann Matthews

Sally Ann Matthews

The 'Coronation Street' actress - who plays Jenny Connor on the ITV soap - asked her Twitter followers if a petition should be started to encourage the TV presenter to don more garments on the Channel 5 reality show.

She tweeted: "Can we start a petition to force Hardeep to wear clothes please? x (sic)"

But Sally's comment provoked a mixed reaction from the Twittersphere, with some claiming she was "body shaming" the former 'The One Show' reporter.

One Twitter user wrote: "You better included all the males in the house then yes?

Or are you just body shaming one person?

answers on a postcard ty. (sic)"

But Sally replied: "No one else is semi-naked anywhere near as much and doesn't cook half clothed. No body-shaming.

"If he was in the garden, bedroom, bathroom, pool then absolutely fine but he's in the kitchen, at the dining table... x (sic)"

Another social media user suggested Dan Osborne is also shirt-less "pretty much all the time" on the coverage, and Sally admitted she "doesn't want to look at him either".

And the 'Corrie' actress admitted she "doesn't like" the 'TOWIE' star's tattoos anyway.

She wrote: "I really don't like tats either."

Several Twitter users defended Sally's suggestion, including one who wrote: "To be fair you wouldn't cook with your baps out - so it's not body shaming it's common sense (sic)"

She replied: "Exactly! x (sic)"