Simon Bird thinks 'Friday Night Dinner' will "probably" come to an end after the sixth series.

Simon Bird

Simon Bird

The 35-year-old actor - who stars as Adam Goodman in the comedy - and the rest of the cast are ready to say goodbye to their characters after nine years on the show, and thinks the upcoming series could be the last they film together.

He told NME: "We think this is probably the end of the show.

"Every series it feels more like 'OK, we're ready to say goodbye to these characters - we're really proud of it but we're ready and happy to move on'. But, who knows?"

The show - which also stars Tamsin Greig, Paul Ritter, Tom Rosenthal, and Mark Heap - follows the antics of the Goodman family as they get together every Friday night for a family dinner.

Simon's comments come after show creator Robert Popper confirmed the series would return on March 27, and following the death of co-star Frances Cuka.

The actress - who was known for her role as Grandma Nelly Buller in the popular Channel 4 sitcom - passed away on February 16 at the age of 83.

However, her death is not mentioned in the show as the cast felt it was "an awful shock" to bring up.

Tamsin said: "It just becomes too hot a topic to go anywhere near. It's an awful shock."

Robert still has plans for more storylines if the cast decides to continue with the series.

Paul - who plays Martin - added: "Robert has told me several times that he wants to do this storyline of Martin slipping into a coma in the third scene of the first episode, and waking up in the penultimate scene in the last episode to croak, 'S**t on it.' "