The small screen is about to get a lot more interesting! Sky has just revealed a slew of trailers for five new original series set to premiere throughout this year (2022). 

TV is about to get interesting! / Picture Credit: Sky

TV is about to get interesting! / Picture Credit: Sky

Whether you prefer dramas, entertainment, or documentaries, there is something for everyone with these unmissable shows from Sky. 

The line-up features beloved British talent, including Keeley Hawes, Max Beesley and Katherine Jenkins, whilst we get a never-seen before look at a series focusing on Mother Teresa, as well as a groundbreaking new wildlife series. 

As well as introducing five new shows to the channel, Sky is also launching a ‘TV fan club’ and Sky Cinema reviewers programme; this sees real-fans, as well as influencers, previewing upcoming Sky films and TV shows. 

This will place the power of a review into the hands of fans, initiating discussions online. 

Those who have a Sky voice-controlled remote can say ‘Brand new in 2022’, which will show you all of the first-look trailers seen below. 

The Midwich Cuckoos – Premieres this summer on Sky Max and NOW 

Starring Keeley Hawes and Max Beesley, The Midwich Cuckoos is a thrilling modern-day spin on John Wyndham’s sci-fi classic. 

Midwich is a quiet place, where nothing ever really happens; however, when darkness falls on one fateful night, the entire town falls unconscious. 

Not only that, but every woman of child-bearing age has become pregnant. As the children of this bizarre event grow up, it becomes more and more evident that they are not from Earth... 

The Rising – Premieres on 11 March on Sky Max and NOW 

Neve Kelly (Clara Rugaard) is dead. Not unsurprisingly, she’s a little confused and very terrified of the whole ordeal. 

When she figures out that she has been murdered, however, she’s beyond angry. So, Neve takes advantage of her otherworldly abilities and seeks to find who killed her, going where the authorities can’t. 

In her search for answers, Neve reveals some secrets she isn’t sure she wanted to know, forcing her to re-think everything she thought she knew about those she left behind. 

Predators – Premieres in 2022 on Sky Nature and NOW 

In this exciting upcoming nature series, six apex predators face the ultimate test to survive, as their ever-changing surroundings impact their lives as well as the lands over which they rule. 

For polar bears in Canada, wild dogs in Zimbabwe, puma in Chile, lions in Botswana, brown bears in Russia, and cheetahs in Tanzania, this is the ultimate fight for power. 

The show focuses on these six incredible predators at highly significant points in their lives; each beast has a world of responsibility to shoulder, but will do whatever they can to survive, and protect those they love. 

Anyone Can Sing – Premieres in March on Sky Arts and NOW 

Six participants are tested like never before, as their voices are converted from screaming in the shower to singing like a soprano, showing that we can all hit those notes. 

The English National Opera’s world-class vocal coaches Nicky Spence, Sarah Pring and Michael Harper - will mentor the would-be singers throughout the process, teaching them everything they know. 

The participants only have three months to perfect their vocals, so they’d better get started... 

Mother Teresa: For The Love of God? - Premieres in March on Sky Documentaries and NOW 

This eye-opening series aims to tell the incredible truth about one of history’s most revered, yet enigmatic, controversial, and complex figures. 

Mother Teresa’s story is told through the point of view of those who knew her best; the series will call on archives and personal letters, in which we hear Mother Teresa’s own words. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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