It can be said that many youths today have it easy, which may or may not be true. However, Netflix’s upcoming survival show puts some young adults in their places. 

Snowflake Mountain sees 10 young adults embark on a journey that will (hopefully) change them for the better. 

The term snowflake is a modern saying that suggests that the person is question is over emotional, easily offended, and dramatic. Snowflake Mountain aims to melt the snow and create some fully functioning adults out of privileged youths. 

Snowflake Mountain isn't for everyone... / Picture Credit: Netflix
Snowflake Mountain isn't for everyone... / Picture Credit: Netflix

The series appears to have a comedy vibe to it, in which the 10 participants may learn to live their own lives and be more in touch with the world by putting them through their paces at a wilderness retreat. 

In the back-to-back basics came, the ‘kidults’ get a rude awakening into how pampered and privileged their lives really are; however, this luxury is about to be taken away. 

At the top of the mountain, so to speak, there is a notable cash prize for the winner, but they must make it through a tough adventure first. 

There is no running water, no parents to do everything for them, and no WiFi, a young adult’s worst nightmare. 

Snowflake Mountain intends to teach them all that you don’t need a screen glued to your eyes every minute of every day, and that nature and being a good person has its benefits. 

The young adults have a tough journey ahead / Picture Credit: Netflix
The young adults have a tough journey ahead / Picture Credit: Netflix

The cast for Snowflake Mountain includes: 

  • Deandra, 24 - Chaos Queen Deandra lives at home with her two younger sisters and her parents and says her life is a rollercoaster. She’s tried to move out of her parents’ place three times but ‘some crazy sh*t always happens and I loop-de-loop right back to where I started’.  
  • Olivia, 25 - Self-confessed ‘Disney Princess’ Olivia likes all things pink, fluffy and cosy and safe. She dreams of building her fairy tale life, living in her own palace, married to a Prince Charming. But she won't fly the family nest. 
  • Rae, 25 - Fun-loving Rae admits she’s ‘hopeless’ when it comes to adult life. She loves living at home and is super-close with her parents, who still do everything for her. 
  • Devon, 20 - Devon sees herself as a born rebel: the more somebody tells her not to do something, the more she’ll do it. Devon is at college in New York where she’s secretly failing and wants to drop out, but she hasn’t told her mom. 
  • Darriea, 25 - Darriea is a free spirit who doesn’t want to commit to anything or anyone. Routine and structure are not part of her life and she wants to go with the flow. The idea of ‘responsibility’ makes her freeze, so she hates signing on the dotted line for anything. Darriea says she does her laundry once a month and washes dishes every 10 days or so. 
  • Solomon, 26 - Solomon is ‘funemployed’ and lives in Los Angeles, entirely funded by his wealthy parents. Solomon’s mom pays his rent and recently bought him an electric BMW. He orders take-out food every day and has never washed a dish or done chores in his life because he grew up with maids. 
  • Liam, 21 - Self-confessed diva Liam tried living with his Mom, but she ‘nagged’ him too much. He tried living with his Dad, but they ‘clashed’. So, he moved in with his Nan. Liam only works so he can get money to P.A.R.T.Y! He spends everything he earns on going out with his friends, vacations and looking good. 
  • Carl, 22 - Natural athlete Carl was a promising basketball player and earned a scholarship to college. But he lost his focus and started partying too much, so his grades and performance suffered.  His family and basketball coach all tried to get him back on track, but Carl didn’t listen. 
  • Randy, 23 - Randy was on a pre-med program at a prestigious College before dramatically dropping out. Randy has big dreams of being a pro-wrestler.  In the ring he ramps up his spoiled brat persona and calls himself the ‘white collar, billion-dollar, big baller, bougie brawler’. He’s been working for his parents' business, but doesn’t take it seriously. 
  • Sunny, 26 - Sunny comes from a family of high achievers. His sister is training to be a lawyer, his cousins work on Wall Street and his friends work in Silicon Valley. Sunny was an academic ace at school, but at college he secretly changed his major to something ‘less intense’ so he could focus on taking things easy. 

Snowflake Mountain lands on Netflix on June 22nd, 2022. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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