Stacey Solomon has vowed to rest and "take it slow" as she recovers at home after being hospitalised in Jamaica.

Stacey Solomon is recovering after falling ill on holiday

Stacey Solomon is recovering after falling ill on holiday

The 34-year-old TV star was on holiday with her husband Joe Swash and their children as well as members of their extended family when she fell ill with an infection on the final day of the trip and was admitted to hospital where she was given oxygen and an IV drip.

Stacey was later deemed well enough to fly home and she updated her followers in a post on Instagram, explaining why she had been absent from social media for several days. She said: "We had the worst exit from Jamaica of all time. And I can't even like get over it. Because it doesn't feel real in my head. And today's the first day, I felt like I'm walking around the house and feel normal.

"But anyway, cut a long story short on the day before we were travelling home, I started to feel a little bit 'flu-ey' so I was like oh I'm getting that flu that everyone's got. Annoying. That's alright, we're going home tomorrow, so I'll just get through it, get over it and carry on.

"So I carried on and as the day went on it just got worse and worse."

Stacey went for a sleep while Joe took the kids to dinner and he returned to find her looking seriously unwell so he called her sister - who works as a nurse - for help.

She added: "So [my sister] came in and was like, 'We need to sit you up, cool you down, get you some paracetamol'. Did all her nursing stuff and every time she checked my temperature ... She was like: 'No it's okay!' But it weren't. Because afterwards she told me my temperature was going up and not coming down and that is not a good sign.' So they called the medical team inside the hotel and the nurse came down and took one look at me and put an oxygen mask on.

"And then she was covering me in wet towels and my temperature was still too high so she literally said she needs to get to the hospital and get some IV antibiotics and fluids in her and tests."

Stacey added: "So yeah I ended up in hospital in Jamaica ... So anyway the IV and everything went in and I did start to feel instantly so much better. Still rough as hell but way better than what I was.

"We were there from the night before we were meant to leave until the morning and I was obviously like: 'Please let me go home, I don't want to stay here on my own when I'm not well, just let me get home.

"And they got me to a point where they were happy for me to fly home. So I did the flight home. Poor Joe had all the kids for 10 hours! And I literally went to sleep as soon as I got home and today is the first day I've started to feel like a normal human again."

In a subsequent post, Stacey revealed her illness had been caused by an infection which led to a fever and it's being treated with antibiotics. She has vowed to take it easy for a while as she lets her body heal.

The former 'X Factor' star explained: "I'm going to listen to my body and let myself get well ... I'm just going to rest up and hopefully in a couple of days I'll feel back to normal. But even then I'm going to take it slow because I don't ever want to be in that situation again. It actually scared me a little bit."