Stephen Fry is to present nature documentaries for ITV.

Stephen Fry is to narrate a nature documentary

Stephen Fry is to narrate a nature documentary

The former 'Q.I,' host will first travel to Iceland to begin work on their blockbuster 'A Year On Planet Earth', the channel's first foray into the genre, which is tipped to match the scale of Sir David Attenborough's 'Planet Earth' series for the BBC.

Stephen said of the project: "ITV has not inhabited the natural history space for many decades. They just don’t do it, and why would they when the BBC has mastered it?

"It’s extraordinary what the [BBC’s] natural history unit in Bristol has done, as we know, through the incredible genius of David Attenborough and his knowledge, his authority and everything else.

"I think it’s a mixture of a new feeling within ITV and a sense of the climate crisis.

"[The show] starts in Iceland, and when standing on all that ice it’s easy to forget we’re travelling at 450,000 miles an hour round the sun, and everything we are and every living thing on the planet is as a result of the orbit we have, that we’re tilted which allows for the seasons and water cycles and everything that activates life."

But the 64-year-old star insisted he hasn't got his eye on David's "national treasure" crown".

He told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Please don’t say that! Nonetheless, I am doing that sort of thing and it’s very exciting."

The former 'Blackadder' actor has spent much of his career with the BBC but admitted last month he "wouldn't be surprised" if he stopped getting jobs with the broadcaster because of his advancing years.

He said: "I'm not as old as the BBC but I’m getting there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was shown a red card."