Stephen Graham was once mistaken for ‘Big Brother’ winner Craig Phillips.

Stephen Graham was once mistaken for Big Brother winner Craig Phillips

Stephen Graham was once mistaken for Big Brother winner Craig Phillips

The former ‘Peaky Blinders’ star has told how he was part of a case of mistaken identity when a supporting artist on the set of his true crime drama 'The Walk-In' thought he was the first winner of the Channel 4 reality show Craig, who won the reality show's debut season in 2000.

In an upcoming appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ on Friday night (22.10.22), the 49-year-old actor says: “One of the supporting artists thought I was someone else and said, ‘You are doing really well for yourself.’ And I thought she was being really kind. But then she said, ‘I never thought it would happen to you after 'Big Brother’ – she thought I was Craig!”

Stephen - who is married to actress Hannah Walters, with whom he has son Alfie and daughter Grace - also gushed about the success of his 2021 hit ‘Boiling Point’, a drama about the gruelling realities of working in a busy professional kitchen.

He says: “We made a tiny little film and never dreamed of the success it had – it was phenomenal.”

Stephen has admitted 'The Walk In’ - which is inspired by the story of activist Matthew Collins infiltrating a neo-nazi terrorist group - is “very close” to him because it “put a mirror up to society”.

He says: “It’s very close to my heart – it’s a very poignant and powerful drama that’s really relevant to what is happening today. It is a wonderful piece and what I really like is being part of something that puts a mirror up to society.

“I was a bit nervous at first about people’s reaction to it, but the way it has been received is phenomenal.”

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