Suranne Jones has hinted she is "done" with 'Doctor Foster'.

Suranne Jones

Suranne Jones

The 'Gentleman Jack' star doesn't look likely to reprise her titular role for a third run after admitting she thinks that could be it for her character Gemma Foster.

When asked if the 'Doctor Foster' chapter is closed for her, Suranne replied: "Yes. I haven't said that before in interviews, as I tend to say: who knows? I loved it, I love [writer] Mike Bartlett, I love [the producers] Drama Republic.

"Series one was amazing, series two, equally, peaked at nearly ten million viewers and pushed in crazy directions. But I think Gemma's done."

Suranne has returned for a second series of 'Save Me' as Claire McGory, whose daughter goes missing, but the former 'Coronation Street' actress isn't in a hurry to star in any more dramas about missing children.

She added to Radio Times magazine: "I still vet what I read and if there was anything too harrowing, I could have said it wasn't for me.

"I'm in no rush to do anything about missing children, and I've read some scripts recently - television drama seems to be fascinated by them, but it doesn't hold any interest for me at the minute. I'm being careful about what I swap my family life for."

In January, Suranne confirmed she is to produce a drama about Britain's first female boxing world champion.

The 41-year-old actress has secured the rights to the story of Jane Couch, who won a legal battle allowing women to box in 1998 and became world champion.

The 51-year-old fighter went on to write her memoir 'The First Round', which Suranne and her TeamAkers Production banner will develop into a series, alongside 'Gentleman Jack' producer Lookout Point.

Suranne said: "As soon as I met Jane, I knew I wanted to tell her story from her perspective and shine a light on this amazing woman who paved the way so others in her position could succeed.

"TeamAkers cannot wait to get started on developing 'The Final Round', and we're thrilled to be working with Faith and the team at Lookout Point - we know it's going to make fantastic television."

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