Following the news that The Kardashians would be making their return to reality television in a new way, namely on streaming platform Disney+, the service has today dropped an official trailer for the series, which you can watch above!

The family we all know, whether we love them or can't stand them, are back on the scene, giving audiences an all access pass into their lives.

Hoping to add a dose of truth to their stories, which are often reported on by the tabloid media, Kris and her daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie are stepping in front of the cameras once more.

Facing perhaps more pressure than they have ever been challenge to go through before, we'll watch as they run their billion-dollar businesses, but also spend some down time with their little ones, putting the honest story of love and life in the spotlight.

Plus, of course, there's some drama along the way. With a divorce on the cards between Kim and Kanye West, it's not all plain-sailing for one of the world's most famous women. With her own family to look after and, a new man in her life, will she finally be able to find her happy ever after?

Personally, I've seen enough Kim, Kanye and Kardashian content to last me a lifetime, but having endured the first trailer for the family's new show, it's easy to see just how the allure of tension, trauma and ultimately drama brings millions of people in to a reality series quite unlike any other.

Will I be tuning in every week? Probably not, but I will be checking social media for the best bits, seeing if any shocking revelations have surfaced and of course, keeping up to date with the latest memes that will no doubt be born out of the series.

The Kardashians debuts exclusively on Disney+ on April 14th, 2022, with new episodes streaming every Thursday thereafter.

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