Ulrika Jonsson wants to be "laughed into bed" on 'Celebs Go Dating'.

Ulrika Jonsson isn't looking for 'The One'

Ulrika Jonsson isn't looking for 'The One'

The 54-year-old mum-of-four - who is best known for hosting 'Gladiators' - has opened up on on what she's looking for in a potential partner on the E4 reality sow.

As quoted by The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column, she said: "I can’t bear arrogant, cocky people. But shy is painful. You want somebody who’s confident.

“Funny is so sexy and so brilliant. We all want to be laughed into bed, right?”

She was also keen to point out that she's not looking for "the one", as she's "so content" in her own company.

She explained: "I’m not looking for ‘the one’. I don’t need that any more. I’m so content in my own company.

"I know it’s a real cliche, but it has to be somebody who enhances things in my life, rather than takes away from it.

“At the moment, I’m not looking to settle down, definitely not to get married or anything. I’m certainly not going to be having kids.”

She is set to appear on the dating show with the likes of Abz Love, Ryan-Mark Parsons, Nikita Jasmine, Miles Nazaire and Chloe Brockett.

Former 5ive singer Abz - now a member of boyband supergroup Boyz On Block with members of Another Level, Boyzone and Phats & Small - admitted he's "getting older" and needs to start settling down.

He said: "I need all the love I can get right now. Trust me. It’s like, I’m 42. We’re getting older here.

“I’ve got grey coming out in the beard and stuff. Mama’s like, ‘Where’s my grandkids?’ I’m like, ‘Man, I can’t help you right now.’

"So I’m just trying to be a good guy. We had the fun, the rock ’n’ roll, the madness. It’s time to get into my big-boy pants and find someone.”

And while he used "used to believe in love at first sight", he admitted that's no longer the case.

He added: "I used to believe in love at first sight and all of that. I don’t any more. It’s just that wisdom comes with age, I guess.”

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