Ulrika Jonsson has blasted Molly-Mae Hague's "tacky" gender reveal.

Ulrika Jonsson slams Molly-Mae Hague's 'tacky' gender reveal

Ulrika Jonsson slams Molly-Mae Hague's 'tacky' gender reveal

Former 'Love Island' star Molly-Mae and her partner Tommy Fury, both 23, recently revealed they are expecting their first child together but former TV star Ulrika is not impressed.

Writing in her column in The Sun newspaper, she said: "A 23-year-old, unskilled and naïve influencer has got a bun in the oven.

"And she’s having a girl, we now know, because she posted one of those ghastly, tacky, 'gender reveal' videos. (Must be exhausting for the poor sod who has to video her every waking moment.)

"Not only has this been the 'emotionally hardest' period of her life, poor lamb, but hapless Molly Mae has cried FIVE times a day and her whole body has been consumed by the shock of it all."

And Ulrika, 55, has hit out at Molly-Mae for complaining about her pregnancy symptoms.

She said: "As somewhat of a veteran of pregnancies, I admit, it can be a ballache of emotions — it’s a rollercoaster — and she might run the gamut of them.

"But to be talking about it as if she’s enduring some form of PTSD is drama of the highest order.

"And it must be galling for those women who just crack on with it and, worse still, for those who truly suffer from the debilitating side-effects of pregnancy throughout.

"Becoming pregnant is, after all, one of the most natural things to happen to a woman.

"But, then, I guess if you’re 23, largely inexperienced and an unqualified 'content creator' who is also a creative director of a huge fashion firm which, incidentally, amounts to organising canapes for launch parties, becoming pregnant with your long-term boyfriend and having a £6million net worth might just send you over the edge."

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