Vernon Kay says 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' led to him landing his new show.

Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay

The 46-year-old presenter will host ITV show 'Game of Talents', which kicks off on Saturday (10.04.21) and credits his stint on the reality show for helping him to get the gig.

He told BBC News: "It was obviously the effect that 'I'm A Celebrity' had. I always said if I was doing entertainment, I don't want to be directing traffic, I want to come back and do a show that I believe in.

"I've believed in everything I've done in the past and some have worked and some haven't, but this is a great show, and I'm really pleased I got offered it, because it's got everything I want to do as a TV host."

And Vernon thinks viewers will love the "simple" guessing element to his new show.

He said: "It's dead simple. It's got two contestants who compete against each other to win large amounts of money by guessing complete strangers' talents... just by looking at them."

"It's a new trend, which seems to have really exploded. And it's really something quite simple. Every game show has a guessing element, but not every game show has the guessing element as its main USP. But everyone knows that the best game shows are the simplest. The guessing element is so simple and I think that's why it works."