Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay

Tess Daly reportedly criticised Vernon Kay for his debut performance on 'Splash' last year.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' presenter was "very honest" about host Vernon's time on screen during the diving series last year and dubbed the first episode "messy", but this year she was pleased with his "really slick" performance on the new series which aired on January 4.

Vernon - who presents alongside Gabby Logan - told The Sun newspaper: "After the first show Tess was very honest - let's not beat around the bush.

"She was like, 'That was messy' and '... this part and that part... ' But last Saturday she said it was really slick. She told me I looked good, too.

"And trust me, if I didn't she'd let me know. Hence her past comment about not liking my shorts on the show - although she felt guilty about that.

"It's nice to have someone who is in your corner and who can tell you honestly what they thought of a show."

Although Vernon is not competing on the show Olympic Bronze Medal winning diver Tom Daley, who mentors the celebrities, is teaching the 39-year-old presenter how to dive.

Vernon explained: "I've been in the dry pool with Tom - he's been teaching me somersaults and tucks. It is knackering.

"It's full of foam so you're not going to hurt yourself, but I did roll my ankle once which wasn't good. I'm not built for diving but it is good fun."

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