Vernon Kay enjoyed sweet "revenge" eating squirrel loin on 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!'.

Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay

The 47-year-old TV presenter - who starred on the ITV show last year - has revealed he's been involved in a two-year battle with squirrels over his wheelie bin.

He explained: "The squirrels have eaten our plastic wheelie bin.

"They’ve gone through the lid to get to the food. For the first lockdown, it was me versus the squirrels."

Vernon and his wife Tess Daly were initially baffled by the situation. But they eventually turned to CCTV monitoring and discovered they were being targeted by a group of rubbish-munching squirrels.

Vernon - who resorted to squirrel-proofing his bins by wrapping them in chicken wire - told the 'Fuelling Around' podcast: "The second night of 'I’m a Celebrity', revenge was sweet as they said, ‘Tonight’s meal, it’s squirrel'.

"I hope the whole squirrel community is sat around their telly watching me devour their brethren, because they’ve ruined my bins.

"There’s garbage all over the garden - so I’m going to chow down, no salt or pepper, just straight in.'"

Meanwhile, Vernon recently admitted that the coronavirus pandemic has influenced his return to prime-time TV.

The presenter recently hosted 'Game of Talents' alongside his wife, having previously focused on passion projects like hosting coverage of Formula E racing.

He said: "It was all luck. If the ­Formula E season hadn’t been cancelled and had started in Saudi Arabia, I wouldn’t have done 'I’m A Celebrity'.

"I love doing Formula E so much, and I’ve learned an awful lot doing sport.

"It’s always good to have your quill sharpened, and there was lots to learn going back into an entertainment ­studio.

"You can get kind of stuck in a rut, you know, just stood there reading an autocue."

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