Joe Wicks wants to have six children.

Joe Wicks wants to become a dad-of-six

Joe Wicks wants to become a dad-of-six

The 38-year-old fitness coach already has three kids with his wife Rosie Jones, and Joe has revealed that he'd actually love to have three more children in the coming years.

During an appearance on the 'Dish' podcast, Joe shared: "Life is great. You know, I've got three kids now so my life's changed a lot since I first started hanging out the window saying, ‘And that right there is Lean in 15'.

"I've got a five-year-old girl, three-year-old boy, and a one-year-old baby girl, so. I'm in the middle of it.

"I love it, and you know, you might have seen articles in the paper saying, ‘Joe wants six kids,’ like, we really do want a big family, so we're halfway through, basically. We've got three to go."

Joe also revealed that his wife is keen to have more kids.

The TV star - who has been married to Rosie since 2019 - shared: "She's up for it, too. It's not just me saying, ‘Come on, bang ‘em out.’ She's up for it."

Meanwhile, Joe previously admitted to being surprised by his own success.

The TV presenter began 'PE with Joe' - his at-home PE classes - amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but he never expected that so many would tune in.

He told "I just thought a few thousand schools would take part but I definitely didn’t expect nearly a million live streams and stuff. So I knew that second day, like, wow, this is big, but this is really a lot of people, so I just kept doing it.

"I was just trying to give people some structure to their day. It was just a mood changer or a mood booster and I think that’s what it did really, it got people feeling a bit more positive about the day."

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