Zara McDermott was "absolute honoured" to discuss her image-based abuse campaign work with the Duchess of Cornwall.

Zara McDermott was honoured to meet the Duchess of Cornwall to discuss her image-based abuse campaign work

Zara McDermott was honoured to meet the Duchess of Cornwall to discuss her image-based abuse campaign work

The ‘Love Island’ star admitted it was "a privilege" to meet Camilla this week, and discuss the work she has done so far and share her upcoming projects.

The 24-year-old TV personality-turned-campaigner shared a photo of the moment they met, and she added the caption: “Today I had the absolute honour of meeting Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall. I told her all about the work I have done, and will continue to do for young people. What a privilege to have your work recognised by a member of the Royal family, and to be able to share your aspirations for the future with them. (sic)"

The 'Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn' documentary-maker was “incredibly grateful” to discuss her Naked Threat campaign, an anti-revenge porn effort - in collaboration with the sexual assault relief charity Refuge - with the royal.

Zara added: “I am so so so incredibly grateful. We also spoke about the Naked Threat campaign @refugecharity and I did to change the law around image based abuse.

"But most importantly we all celebrated fifty years of Refuge; a charity that I am honoured to stand side by side with in our joint mission to eradicate violence towards women and children. Thank you to everyone who made today possible, thank you for your kindness and thank you for your continued hard work, every single day.”

In October, the duchess called for more urgent action to be taken to deal with sexual violence against women.

She said: "The Crime Survey for England and Wales shows that 144,000 women were victims of rape or attempted rape in the last year. The challenges are immense.

"However, the forthcoming Festival gives us hope that they can be overcome ... firstly we have to be Shameless. Together, today, let us resolve to support survivors to be 'shameless' and not to take on misplaced feelings of stigma ... secondly, we need to get the men in our lives involved in this movement. We do not, in any way, hold all men responsible for sexual violence. But we do need them all on board to tackle it."