Zara McDermott was left "petrified" when she witnessed a drug deal while filming her new documentary.

Zara McDermott had one major fear during the filming of her new BBC doc

Zara McDermott had one major fear during the filming of her new BBC doc

The 27-year-old TV star opted to join local police on a drug bust for her BBC Three doc 'Ibiza: Secrets of the Party Island' - which is set to air on Sunday (21.04.24) - and struggled to control her nerves whilst driving to the scene so had to pull over.

She told The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column : “The biggest thing I was petrified of was in that drug dealer scene. I was driving and I pulled into the kerb about five metres away because I was so scared of hitting it.”

The former 'Strictly' Come Dancing' contestant has hosted a string of hard-hitting documentaries since finding fame on 'Love Island' in 2018 and recently explained that she wanted to look into the party island because she wanted to look at the "changing culture" of the party island.

She said : “Over the years, I've always been really interested by documentaries that have been made on party islands but I wanted to make something that was current and looked into some of the issues that the party islands are facing today.

“Ibiza particularly drew me in as I love the island and I've been going there for years.

"Nearly a million Brits a year head to Ibiza, and it’s been a go to destination for generations of holiday makers looking for a particular combination of sunshine, great beaches and all night partying.

"I’ve been able to watch it change and elevate over time and I realised that this would be a really exciting place to start looking into the effects of its changing culture and how it's evolving going forward.”

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