'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant Daniel Baldwin will quit if he's forced to share a bed with porn stars.

Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin

The Hollywood actor is engaged to entrepreneur Robin Sue Hertz Hempel, 48, and gave Channel 5 bosses a list of terms before entering the house they had to agree to or he'd walk from the reality show.

He said: "I understood there would be a scramble to get the beds, and a few of the beds are doubles. I said, 'I need to let you know that, out of respect for my wife, I would never share a bed with another woman. You're going to have to adjust that or I would leave immediately."

What's more, Daniel, 54, won't sit around the pool if other female contestants - such as porn queen Jenna Jameson who was involved in a sex tape scandal - are scantily clad.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Second thing I told them is that I know there are tasks they have us do and that there will be people who are used to being disrobed.

"There is a pool involved and on a nice day I am sure people will lie out in scantily-clad outfits. But if things start coming off I would not sit around the pool, out of respect to my wife. I'd go in the house.

"If they tell me I have to be present for that, I would get my bag and leave the show. Those are the two premises I insisted on."

Elsewhere, Tila Tequila has been kicked off the TV show because of controversial comments the 33 year old model previously made about Hitler and the Nazis on Facebook.

Daniel, 54, revealed: "When people tell you they are a member of the mile-high club...

"Well, imagine being a member of the mile-high club with a female pilot during a commercial flight.

"It was a long time ago. I won't say which airline but they were more than friendly skies."

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