Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton is too "lazy" to snap up Bruce Forsyth's old hosting role on Strictly Come Dancing.

The chat show host is one of the hot favourites for the presenting gig following the veteran presenter's decision to quit the BBC One primetime show, but he has now confirmed he isn't up for the challenge because it would be too much hard work.

He insisted he already has his hands full with hosting 'The Graham Norton' show every Friday evening and his Radio 2 show on Saturday mornings.

Graham told The Sun newspaper: "I wouldn't jump at the chance. I really enjoy the show but it's a very tough gig. I think it's very hard for a new person to take over, and I'm quite lazy.

"It would be a bit weird to also be on Saturday night and Sunday night."

The flamboyant presenter is convinced producers will promote current co-hosts Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman rather than looking elsewhere for fresh blood.

He says: "If they just stick with Tess and Claudia then I think that's the sensible way forward. I think as a tried-and-tested duo they're great and work really well together.

"But if they did want someone new then the advantage is that it's a show that's up and running so whoever wants to present it will know whether they like it or not.

"It's much harder to go into a new format where you don't know what it's like."

Claudia was recently said to be the "first choice" to take over from Bruce after impressing bosses on the celebrity dance contest with her on-screen chemistry with Tess on the Sunday evening results show.

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