Mike Holloway has been named as the winner of Survivor 30: White Collar V Blue Collar V No Collar, after 39 gruelling days saw the underdog come out on top and take home a cheque for $1 million.

He was in the final three alongside Will Sims and Carolyn Rivera - the latter of which lost out on going back in to play and compete for the million dollars in a whole new series of the competition reality series against former castaways who have all been given a second chance and chosen for the series by fans for the first time ever.

Speaking on the reunion show, Mike admitted that he had a horrible strategy when giving his word in a Survivor Auction then almost going back on it. Despite that however, he now walks away with the money and will not compete in Survivor 31: Second Chance.

Dan and Will also apologised for their behaviour during the season which included negative comments about women and one contestant in particular - Shirin - who's now preparing to play the game all over again.

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