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With the first night of the opera looming, the drama in the Hamptons will of course be at an all time high.

Daniel thinks he's on to a winner with the photographs he has of Emily and Aiden locking lips, but when she puts on a fantastic performance of what she'll do if she is taken to court by the Graysons, he has to come at her from another angle.

His mother wants her to stick close so she can keep an eye on her - she realises that Emily's issue is with the Grayson family rather than with extracting Grayson money, and so she wants to discover exactly what's up her sleeves, but Daniel simply wants her gone from his life.

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He gets his wish when Emily then self-leaks her medical records, proving she faked her pregnancy, and the media frenzy begins, tarnishing her in the press with harsh judgements. She's got a new plan, and a new target, and needed to let the Graysons think they won this round to go forward.

Victoria does go to the private investigator that Daniel hired for a "new angle" to taking down Emily - will this be a scene that is referred back to in the future or was it simply a filler that will now be forgotten, now that Victoria thinks Emily is out of her immediate life?

Looking at the evidence Jack stole from archived material with the help of his mother Stevie, Emily found out that Pascal - Margaux's father - probably played an integral part in framing David Clarke, and so he's next on her list of targets. She doesn't want Jack involved as he's in love with Margaux, but he insists "we have to take the risk and hope there's no collateral damage."

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Pascal isn't the only new face on the scene, as Nolan finds himself with a permanant houseguest in the form of Javier - his friend from prison who's a whizz at cracking codes and who hopes he can work with Nolan on a major project going forward.

They're not the only duo teaming up, as Margaux enlists Daniel to "show our fathers what we're made of" - we've enjoyed Margaux's addition to the show up until this point and we hope she doesn't make some bad decisions. Jack deserves happiness more than most of the people in Revenge's vision of The Hamptons.

Revenge continues next Monday, 9pm on E4.

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