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A touch of Romeo and Juliet was brought to this week's episode of Revenge, when the death of Mason Treadwell proved to be a trick just like the tragedy's, and the former journalist found himself very much alive and well, escaped from prison with a place waiting for him in the Maldives.

It was Emily who broke out Mason, worried that he may let something slip to Victoria who had begun visiting him in the hopes of extracting more information about just why Miss Thorne is interested in the Grayson family.

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Emily isn't the only one that Victoria has her sights on taking down however, and after hearing the news that Stevie visited Mason before his 'death', she visits Stevie, bringing round alcohol to try and break her down and make her feel guilty for what they think was the murder of Mason.

It works, and Stevie gives in to the alcohol's calling, leading to Jack taking her back to Los Angeles and Victoria basking in the fact she managed to drive her ex-husband's ex-wife out of town.

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Now working as a team with her new lover Pascal, she's not the only one with problems. Conrad leaked the news of Pascal's impending retirement and the vultures are swooping, with Conrad being one of them looking to fill the gap in the media market he'll be trying to fix up with one of his children.

Margaux and Daniel seem to forever be growing closer together, and though she tells Jack that they are simply friends and makes the hypocritical remark that she doesn't like jealous men, it looks certain something more than just friendship is on the cards here.

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They're not the only two with love in the air, as Aiden and Emily's spark is reignited following a trip to Aiden's mother's. She's told her daughter is actually dead despite her wishing a better life for her, and the news that her husband probably wasn't the monster some people would have liked to have called him before his death.

It's an emotional scene and a great look into the Mathis family which we've seen so little of in the past - a nice touch but one that's ultimately wrapped up for now, and doesn't need to be revisited for quite some time.

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Javier's proving to be costly to Nolan and Emily, after he rejects Nolan's offer of becoming business partners because of the percentage cut. Running to Charlotte who he has continued seeing, he lets slip he had to help Jack as soon as he arrived, and she begins to question her former brother-in-law's loyalties, telling Javier her brother Daniel will be able to give him the help he needs so that he doesn't have to go back to Nolan.

This week was much stronger than the last, and whilst new doors were opened, some were pushed to. I hope things end well for Stevie - she's one of my favourite new additions to the show - but I can't help but feel she may meet a sticky end. Let's hope not.

Revenge continues next Monday at 9pm on E4.

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