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As season three comes closer and closer to finishing, the stakes continue to be raised as Victoria's net on Emily's plan closes in.

The pretty vigilante is being played it would seem, as her former mother-in-law has a theory and wants to put it to the test.

Reeling in an old friend named Luke Gilliam, she manages to trick Emily into thinking she's got the upper hand and even allows for her companion to be poisoned just so her theory can be proved correct.

Credit: ABC

Emily is out for revenge for David, and now Victoria has that all figured out. The only thing Emily still manages to keep close to her chest is the fact that she's the original Amanda Clarke, but just how long will it take before she figures that out too?

Great line this week from Nolan, who asked why Aiden was giving him "Aiden-face" after the pair managed to find out the location of Oscar Chapman - a man who faked his death and has links to the terrorist attacks both Emily and Aiden's fathers were accused of.

It's here that Aiden learns his father wasn't the coward he first believed he was, telling him he was in fact murdered by Pascal and that he had no idea of what he was planting on the plane that blew up.

Unfortunately for Oscar, after he agreed to co-operate and help Aiden and Nolan in any way they needed, Pascal paid him a visit and put a bullet in his chest, silencing him and stopping the truth from surfacing at any point in the near future.

Extra points this week for Karine Vanasse who manages to pull off that empowered businesswoman so well, fighting between her future in the industry and her future love life.

Jack isn't happy that she's getting what she wants whilst his friends are used and cast aside as collateral damage, and so - telling her he loves her but he can't be around her - he leaves the Voulez offices and runs to Emily for comfort, whom he asks to be careful whilst she continues to run things, telling her he doesn't think his relationship is going to last.

Also worth noting is the great display from Henri Esteve who well and truly messes up in signing a deal with Daniel and Margaux, kicking former best friend Nolan to the curb who then goes ahead and wages war on Daniel.

Henry Czerny once again shows just how deplorable he truly can be - slimy and hideous though charming and arrogant, he'll do whatever it takes to get where he wants and mess with the lives of those who have wronged him.

Conrad's playing a very dangerous game, but looks to have all of his bases covered, pulling strings all throughout New York.

Revenge continues next Monday, 9pm on E4.

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