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A better match couldn't have been made, and whilst Pascal may be excited about marrying the woman he's always loved in Victoria Grayson, other people have other ideas about what his future may entail.

Abducting the French businessman, Emily claims she is from Homeland Security and acts under the disguise of Agent Rebecca Stone.

It's a brilliant move in a story that stretches believability above and beyond, but if you take it for what it is - a dramatic and exciting series rather than a realistic one - it's can be seen as something certainly special at the very least.

Admitting that she's been building a case against the Grayson family, she demands he'll have to help her or she'll go about things the hard way.

Agreeing to wear a wire to secure a confession from Conrad, Pascal makes a deal that Victoria will have to be left out of things - and Emily agrees to his terms.

Free to go back to his future wife, Pascal reveals plans to leave the country for Paris sooner than expected, and when he leaves his suit jacket on the bed, Victoria finds a card for Agent Stone, leading her to confide in her son Daniel that the police may be tightening the noose around the Grayson's neck.

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In turn, Daniel runs to his father to tell all, and it's Conrad who sees fit to put an end to the possibility of being sent to jail in a daring move with fatal consequences.

MyClone is launched after Javier agreed to go into business with Daniel and Margaux, and Pascal names his daughter as his successor before things begin to go a little wrong with the revolutionary app.

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Nolan's quickfire move is an ingenious one at the expense of his former friend, and it does its job in bringing Javier away from the people he deems most dangerous.

Tensions run high on the roof as Conrad and Pascal begin a heated exchange, in front of a helicopter, and as Conrad makes his move in view of the pilot - and a hidden Emily - he shoves Pascal so that he hits the propellor and manages to cover the entire thing up as an accident, leaving Victoria devestated.

Henry Czerny is fantastic in his role, completely unforgiving to those who have wronged him in the past and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. He's truly an asset to the show.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's being messed with, sent letters that appear as if they've been written from her dead father David Clarke. Going to Jack for a shoulder to lean on, he convinces her that there's no way they could be from her father, and so she gives up hope, taking a stroll alone on the beach.

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Her worries aren't squashed completely however, as suspense ramps up a notch more when she's abducted by a mystery character, to be revealed next week.

Revenge continues next Monday with season 3's penultimate episode at 9pm on E4.

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