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With Charlotte's kidnapper being revealed as both Emily and Aiden, the pair hope to force a confession from the Grayson's by using her as live bait.

Getting in contact with the two of them - and sending a fake ear when Conrad shows signs of going to the police - the two agree to hold a press conference, and Conrad hopes to have written a speech that will be unworthy of being used as evidence in a court of law.

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Emily's held up at the police station when Daniel identifies her as the person on CCTV footage on the night of Pascal's death, but with Nolan's quick work and a punch to Daniel's face from Aiden, she's left in the clear once more.

Credit: ABC

However, when Jack unwittingly walks in on the new plot and Charlotte's point of capture, things seem to go awry when he frees her and allows her to go home.

Confronting her father with the new knowledge she has, she's unaware that a camera on her jacket is broadcasting their entire conversation to the world on a news channel, and when Conrad retaliates by telling Charlotte he could have her disappear at any time he so pleases - confessing his part in everything - the world discovers the truth about David Clarke.

Conrad is arrested in an emotional moment when Emily finally gets some of the ultimate revenge she had hoped and prayed for from the very moment she started her mission.

Victoria however is still free, and after taking a DNA sample from Jack's son and her daughter Charlotte, she confirms that Amanda and Emily aren't who they both were acting as.

With one episode left in this season of Revenge, it would be silly to think everybody's going to get their happily ever after in episode 22, but for now, we can bathe in the warmth of Emily finally pulling a major win out of the bag.

It's heartwarming to see things finally come around and that moment that we saw it was all up for Conrad was bliss. Something tells me he isn't going to be giving up without a fight.

Revenge season three finishes next Monday, 9pm on E4.

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