Who would have thought that the hit 90s American sitcom Friends would relate so closely to a university student? After paying for a Netflix subscription so I could binge the entire series on repeat however, I'm starting to see some similarities between the two! Here are just six ways Friends is similar to being a university student...

6. The one where the university student cooks

During the Thanksgiving episode in season 6, Rachel decides to make a traditional English trifle for dessert, but ends up making half an English trifle and half a shepherd’s pie, as the pages of the cookbook are stuck together! With a layer of beef in-between the ladyfingers and the custard, I'd say that about sums up a typical student trying to cook anything else other than a microwavable meal!

5. The one where the university student has no money

From pretty much the start of the show, Chandler finds himself lending his best friend Joey money so he can try and make it as an actor. Chandler pays for Joey’s acting classes, numerous headshots, (secret) tap classes and about two to three years’ worth of rent utilities and food. It seems as if Chandler represents student finance for Joey; he pays out for tuition and maintenance loans, whereas Joey represents the student who is relying on student finance to help them get through their years of education.

4. The one where you have to work through the holidays

The Ross and Rachel love story, that ended with Rachel saying the two should "take a break.” That eventually of course becomes Ross’ comeback each time he was reminded that he slept with someone else during this hiatus. The whole situation may not be relevant to the student but the line “we were on a break” is what every student says when they were asked why they haven’t done work during the holidays!

3. The one where your things go missing

Another episode in Friends that is set just after Thanksgiving starts with Ross being upset after taking his, “leftover Thanksgiving sandwich” to work and despite the fact he had put a note on it saying it was his sandwich, someone else still ate it. Any uni student who lives in shared accommodation knows that you can claim your own cupboard, your own shelf in the fridge and label all your things but you will still end up losing most of your things throughout the year and people WILL end up eating your food.

2. The one where there is a deadline

In this particular episode of Friends, the gang end up being up all night after going to the roof to try and see a comet. Joey and Ross get stuck on the roof, Phoebe is kept up due to the fire alarm, Chandler and Monica end up keeping each other up and Rachel and Tag (remember him?) argue over work. Most students can relate to being up all night, usually the day before an assignment is due!

1. The one where you join a social

In season 8, Monica and Chandler host a Halloween fancy dress party. Monica goes at Catwoman, Phoebe as Supergirl, Rachel chooses a dress that she won’t be able to fit in soon as she is pregnant, Chandler ends up with a pink bunny outfit chosen by Monica, Ross dresses up as Spudnik and Joey dresses up as Chandler. Most students join a social and that means one thing; a themed night out each week!

Words by Sophie Harrison

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