Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) is in for some dramatic scenes this summer, as Eva Price discovers that her man has been having an affair with Maria. Despite wanting to burst at the seams with anger, Eva decides to keep her discovery on the down low, playing around with Aidan a little bit after discovering she’s pregnant with his baby.

Eva will take her revenge on Aidan / Credit: ITV

Eva will take her revenge on Aidan / Credit: ITV

Speaking to press, Shayne said that Eva meddling with Aidan’s business would be the most hurtful thing she could do.

“He wants to build this enterprise,” he explained. “He’s always wanted his dad to see him as the successor of the business. Aidan wants to impress Johnny, so, yeah, it would have something to do with Underworld. Eva’s really not so ditzy as people make out.”

He also revealed that the story will go “all the way through the summer,” confirming his fears that Aidan will “end up quite a lonely person, because something’s going to happen.”

The drama is also something that’s followed Shayne into his real life, as he laughed about the heckles he receives from “afar”. “When people come up close to me, they’re always polite and ask for an autograph. It’s great that the viewers get so involved over who they think Aidan should be with.”

“It’s nice people have invested so much and it’s really going to kick off now and get much deeper,” he adds. “It’s fun to hear the different kind of heckles I get!”

Moving onto the future, Shayne said he now knows where the story is going. “It’s mental and I really want to tell everyone,” he says. “All I’d say for now is that Aidan shouldn’t have done this. Eva will stop at nothing to get her revenge.”

Sounds ominous! We can’t wait to see how this all turns out…

Coronation Street continues on Monday and Friday this week, with other episodes cancelled for the week due to the football.

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