EastEnders last night said goodbye to Lorna Fitzgerald in the role of Abi Branning, with the character’s life support machine being turned off following her fall off the top of the Queen Vic on Christmas Day (December 25). The tears flowed as the family gathered around Abi’s bed, and it was Jacqueline Jossa – who plays Abi’s sister Lauren Branning – who really impressed the viewers at home with her performance.

The Branning Family lost Abi last night / Credit: BBC

The Branning Family lost Abi last night / Credit: BBC

Brian Welsh wrote on Twitter: “Jacqueline Jossa is absolutely outstanding”, whilst @Heathyheath_ added: “Jacqueline Jossa is doing an amazing job tonight. She’s doing a good job in portraying realistic grief”.

Fans were also sad to see Abi finally go, with Lauren Evans saying: “Can’t believe abi branning isn’t going to be in eastenders anymore” (sic), but others were a little harsher about the actress’s ability to perform in the soap, with Shane Telford writing: “Not gonna lie, these three weeks in a coma have given us some of Abi Branning’s best acting.”

Now, with the Branning family in mourning and Abi’s child safely born, it’s going to be interesting to see just where the chips fall. We know that Jossa will be leaving the soap and taking Lauren Branning with her, but will she deem herself responsible for her sister’s child? Or will Max Branning (Jake Wood) make it his mission to do right by his now-dead daughter by taking care of her new born?

There’s also the chance that Jo Joyner, who plays Abi’s mother Tanya could take the baby, but fans will have to wait for the upcoming new episodes of the soap to find out what happens.

EastEnders continues throughout the week on BBC One.

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