Harry Reid will be leaving EastEnders in a few weeks, as well as the role of Ben Mitchell behind for good. Taking to Sunday Brunch earlier today (November 12), the actor spoke about the petition which had been started by fans to keep him on the show, and said he didn’t see the exit coming.

Ben Mitchell's relationship with Luke continues in EastEnders / Credit: BBC

Ben Mitchell's relationship with Luke continues in EastEnders / Credit: BBC

He explained: “I don’t really think there would be any signs that point towards it, you can possibly get something out of the story, but in terms of [Ben’s] mindset, it’s quite a sudden thing. So, as an actor, I didn’t see that build-up coming, but it’s exciting me.”

Exactly how Ben will be leaving however wasn’t something Reid was willing to reveal.

Whilst he said he did know how he’d go, he continued: “I’m not gonna say anything, mainly because I want the fans to be excited and question what’s going to happen. It is exciting. Ben’s life is exciting and it won’t let you down, I promise you that.”

Having already filmed some of his final scenes, many expect Ben’s exit to come before the end of the year.

“It’s been very hard,” Reid said. “I think there’s an actor’s emotion that comes into play here. Obviously, it being long-running, I’ve worked with these people for a long time and when you’re doing final moments, it can become quite ceremonial.”

In the immediate future, EastEnders viewers can look forward to Ben’s relationship with Luke continue to go through the motions, whilst family drama will go to another level. With James Willmott-Brown back on the scene and murderous intentions in mind for Ben in the near future, it could appear that a slaying in protection of his mother Kathy Beale could be the exit planned for Ben. We’ll have to wait and see what happens…

EastEnders airs on BBC One throughout the week, with Sunday Brunch every Sunday on Channel 4.

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