There’s a huge amount of change coming to the Square on EastEnders, as lies, betrayal and revelations come to light whilst residents struggle to keep their dark secrets under wraps. With the soap promising some “life-changing surprises” as the soap rolls on, old faces will make their return while new families embark onto Albert Square for the first time. Check out a trailer teasing some of the big twists and turns coming throughout the next few months below:

Following their rehousing from a nearby estate, Ted and Joyce Murray will be arriving in Albert Square with a piece of the past dragged along with them. Settling in and with the residents seemingly enjoying their new additions, the Taylors burst onto the scene and get off to an immediate bad start with the neighbours.

Meanwhile, Mick returns home to The Queen Vic, where tensions are running higher than ever before. Oblivious to the fact he no longer owns the pub, Mick will face a rude awakening when the truth eventually creeps out. Whitney is also dealing with the ramifications of ending her relationship with Lee, facing a fresh start but struggling to decide which life path she wants to go down.

Denise struggles with no income, but her pride doesn’t allow her to ask or even accept the help she clearly needs. Patrick’s return is right around the corner, so she’ll be looking to get back on track, but with no clear path to making that comeback it’s harder than she imagined.

On the other side of the Square, Lauren is hoping to impress her employer but leaves Steven feeling like he’s losing her. Happy to go as far as is necessary to keep her by his side, there could be some shady dealings in the near future for the couple. The two becomes a love triangle too, when Josh fails to hide his feelings for Lauren. Will she remain faithful?

Then we have Charlie’s battle to take Jack to Ireland, leaving Jack not only grieving following the loss of his wife, Ronnie, but scared of the future. Unaware that Max is involved, Jack takes drastic action to ensure he’s successful in keeping Matthew on the Square. When the Chairman makes an appearance however, there’s no telling exactly how much things are going to change on EastEnders.

EastEnders continues throughout the week on BBC One.

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