Hollyoaks have revealed that they’ll be tackling a new grooming and abuse storyline, working closely with charity Survivors Manchester to do the story justice. The arc will involve Ollie (Aedan Duckworth) and Buster (Nathan Sussex), and is set to take place in the coming weeks as Ollie struggles to adjust to life in his new home, alongside his dad Luke (Gary Lucy).

Confiding in his football coach about all that’s going on, the storyline will progressively see Buster use his position of power over the youngster to groom him for his own perverted sexual desires.

Buster arrived in Hollyoaks earlier in the year, and is Damon’s (Jacob Roberts) father. Following the death of his ex-wife Maggie, he’s faced his own traumas, and was even received with hostility by Brody (Adam Woodward) upon his return.

Writers and producers on Hollyoaks have been consulting Survivors Manchester during writing of the scripts, ensuring that all episodes will be a true representation and reflection of survivors in real life who have been in similar situations.

Survivors Manchester representative Duncan Craig commented: “It is once again an absolute pleasure to be working with Hollyoaks on another hugely important storyline that is so topical and relevant. Working with producers, researchers, script writers and the cast, we have been able to develop a story that is rooted firmly in the present day and will show the intricacies of grooming and the difficulty in speaking out as a young male. The team at Hollyoaks has again 100% committed to working with us to ensuring the male survivor sat at home watching the story will feel he is understood, as a survivor-led organisation, this is important part of this work.”

Actor Aedan Duckworth added: “It’s a privilege to have been given this challenging storyline for Ollie. To ensure I accurately depict Ollie’s situation I have had guidance from Survivor’s Manchester and support and advice from Gary Lucy during the filming process. I hope to continue to raise awareness around this subject and encourage those who may have found themselves in a similar situation, to reach out and seek the support they deserve.”

The storyline begins to air on Monday, April 16 at 7pm on E4, as Brody confides in Scarlett and Buster and Ollie get closer.

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