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In one of its most memorable seasons to-date, Survivor Cagayan crowned last week one of the best strategic players in the history of the game - Tony Vlachos.

We got the chance to catch up with Tony following his win to find out more about his experience and life after winning one million dollars.

What was it that led you to making the decision to apply for Survivor?

I felt that the way the game is played is similar to how the 'bad guys' play the game against me as a cop in real life! They lie to me and try [to] outwit me! I felt my experiences on the streets would help me defend against all the scheming and scamming that goes on in Survivor. (Plus it helps me know how to scheme and scam.)

What did you do in your casting tape to show off your best assets to the casting team?

As Jeff probst says over and over, BE YOURSELF! That's exactly what I did...I was being ME!

When you arrived in Cagayan for the game, what were your initial feelings?

WOW! This is really happening! May the odds be ever in my favour! (laughs)

Did the reveal of the Brains VS Beauty VS Brawn theme throw you for a loop, or was it business as usual?

I didn't care what the theme was. All I cared about was getting through the 17 other people that were on the island with me! So no, the theme meant nothing. It was business as usual.

Sometimes contestants who have played in the past return for another shot at the game, if that would have happened with Cagayan would you have aligned with the seasoned players or tried to get them out as soon as possible?

I was anticipating and actually hoping for returnees. I would most definitely align with them and use them as a shield while learning to walk on my own two feet.

How differently do you think you would have played this game if there were no hidden idols?

All my strategies were situational. I would have still bluffed as I did with an EMPTY bag of tricks. It would also have been easier to vote off the opposing team without any worries of any idol play.

Are there any parts to your gameplay which you would change looking back on things?

I was very impulsive on making promises etc., but that wasn't part of my 'strategy'. That's just me and there's no changing that.

Every single time that I swore on a loved one, my heart was genuinely in the right place, at the WRONG time. It was real and emotional. The heart often takes over out there in the island, and as we all know, the heart is blind.

At night, when everyone was sleeping and I had time to myself to evaluate what scenario is best for my game, I often found myself having to break those impulsive promises that I was blindly making in the heat of the moment. It wasn't gameplay, but that's all I would have changed if I could.

How will you be spending your time now that the game is over?

I'm definitely a family man. I love being with my family, even if were just sitting on the sofa staring at blank wall. I love it! (laughs)

How have you found the reaction from fans of the show during the transmission of the season?

I found the fan reactions to be natural. It's in a humans nature to [be] against the aggressor, which was me. Most fans root for the underdog. No different from watching a nature programme where the lion is hunting down a gazelle in the Sahara. Most people, including myself, root for the gazelle to get away. No one wants to see the lion catch the gazelle, but when it does and the carnage is devoured, we can all appreciate that it's the nature of the beast. I'm hoping now that the game is over, people can appreciate and accept that my gameplay was the nature of this game called SURVIVOR.

Who do you still keep in touch with away from the game?

I keep in touch with everyone in one way or another. Social media, texts, emails, phone calls. I speak with all of them from time to time. We all get along, and yes, even Sarah and Kass! (laughs)

What do you think your strongest move was?

My strongest move would have to be convincing Woo that he had a better chance to go up against me than with Kass. I also believe the timing of ousting LJ and Jefra were also pretty powerful moves.

Would you ever consider returning in the future for another season of Survivor, or would you prefer to try something else like The Amazing Race or Big Brother?

I dislike flying so Amazing Race is out of the question. I don't like being caged up in a house, so Big Brother is out of the question. I WON Survivor which left a very good taste in my mouth and I would love to taste that again. (laughs)

What do you take away from an experience like Survivor?

Overall, it was just an amazing experience. There's nothing specific to pin point and speak about. It's just a great experience as a whole.

What plans do you have for the future - will we be seeing more of you?

I was truly in it for the fortune, not the fame. However, you might be see me do a few shampoo commercials. (laughs)

For more information and to keep up to date with news on Tony Vlachos visit his website or follow him on Twitter @tony_vlachos.

Survivor returns later this year for its 29th season, Survivor San Juan Del Sur - Blood VS Water II.

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