With nine competitors left battling it out for the title of Sole Survivor in the show's 30th season, we can usually at this point get some idea or clue of just who could make it through the competition and win the jury votes worth $1 million at the end of their journey.

Huge personalities this season have created some immense drama and rivalries, so who do we think will be able to fight through and walk out a winner? Here are our thoughts on each remaining competitor...


Honestly a lot of viewers have forgotten Will exists. Has the man ever had a to-camera confessional? And it looks like he goes after Shirin in the worst way next week. He's got no chance.


Yikes, her wanting to leave the game simply because Hali was eliminated the week before was awful to watch. Thousands upon thousands of people hope for a spot in this show and 30 seasons on there's still the unfortunate castings of people like Jenn who throw their toys out of their baby buggies when they don't get their own way. Hopefully she's the next cut, but if she does make the final three then she'll earn the votes of at least the first two jurors, Hali and Joe.


This surely is never going to happen, right? His comments about hoping somebody would slap Shirin to shut her up were quite frankly disgusting, and he's not been great to watch at all. His inflated ego and sense of importance should keep him away from the crown, but it wouldn't be surprising to see him make final three. He's the perfect goat.


Boston Rod is finally winning some hearts on the island with his hilarious impressions of his fellow castaways. Though he can absolutely nail Mike's deep tones, he has seen some huge confrontation in past weeks which could see a bitter jury vote against him. His game to this point has been OK but not without its flaws - he needs to pull a big move in the next couple of shows to ensure that he's the man everybody thinks turned the game on its head.


One minute he's one of the most annoying people remaining, the next he's actually playing a good game. Unfortunately for Mike, he flips between these two positions too often. He could argue a case for himself, though falling for such a shoddy looking immunity idol when you have one yourself is a silly move. Still, he got what he wanted in the end with Joe being sent home, and so, so far, the game's going pretty much the way he wants it to.


From the first day Carolyn was playing the game hard and went out in search for a hidden immunity idol which she then found and has had in her back pocket to this day. Working her fellow alliance members as well as those outside her alliance near-perfectly, she's not yet had to call on the help of her idol, so if she makes a few more weeks and uses it to ensure a place in at least the final four for herself or someone she wants alongside her, her case for winning only gets stronger.


Quietly sneaking up on his opponents, Tyler is a man who hasn't had the screentime of a winner but could be setting himself up for a windfall. This week's immunity challenge win saw him do what the rest of the tribe couldn't - beat out Joe and allow him to be sent packing - and that could be a huge reason for him to win the money when all is said and done.


I'm shocked Shirin's still hanging around, but so happy that she's still in the game. She is a super fan, no matter what other people may think, and knows this game inside out. That doesn't necessarily mean she's played the perfect game, and she still may need to pick up some self-awareness, but she has done brilliantly so far to survive past Max's premature send off.


Sierra had a strange edit mid-game where she wanted everybody and everything on the island who opposed her to leave immediately. Now she's back under the radar and slipping through the game with those she at one point wanted out - if she turned things around for a final time and pulled off the ultimate blindside in a huge flip, she could grab the million dollars - so long as we don't have a bitter jury.

Survivor continues next Wednesday on CBS.

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