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At the end of last week's episode we had everything we needed for things to be tied up neatly in a little bow and The Following series laid to rest.

Ryan had infiltrated Joe's base and was just steps away from the man he's been hoping to kill for far too long, gun in hand, and Lily was planning to trace Joe and so the ultimate showdown could have easily gone ahead.

Of course, that was never going to happen. We're just two seasons in and two episodes are yet to air following this one; and I have a feeling this show will be drawn out over another 30 episodes following this season at the very least.

Despite being a brilliant shot at every other opportunity, Ryan manages to miss out on shooting straight when given the chance to put an end to Joe once and for all.

Credit: Sky Atlantic

Mike's also gone full dark side. There was a glimmer of hope when he had Lily on the floor on her knees, but he eventually succumbed to the pressures of his demons and fired three bullets straight into her chest, sending her out of the show and leaving behind her psychotic twin 'sons', Luke and Mark, after the rest of her surviving strange 'family' members were killed by Ryan.

After recording a video which saw him pressure Pastor Tanner's son Preston into killing one of his followers who seemed likely to stray, Joe said his goodbyes to Ryan, told him he was concerned it was the final time they'd be together and admitted it had been a pleasure, despite his one true regret being Claire, who he still misses to this day.

When we see Joe next, he and his surviving followers are setting up at an abandoned cottage and the news is turned on, as Carrie reads out a message from Claire directed at Joe. For possibly the first time since the series began, Joe is beyond shocked, and his 'final act' could come crashing down around him.

Stellar performances this week from all involved. The relationship between Joe and Ryan continues to grow stranger by the minute, and the conflicts Mike faces are portrayed brilliantly.

The Following's penultimate season 2 episode 'Silence' airs next Tuesday, 10pm on Sky Atlantic and Sky Atlantic HD.

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