Between January 2002, and July 2006, there was an ITV series that had everybody talking: Footballers' Wives. The show was a campy and crazy affair, which saw a selection of WAGs get into catfights, take part in criminal activity, and above all get themselves into situations that were so far and beyond reality, they left us all cackling with laughter at home.

Today, as part of our Throwback Thursday series - and to mark the real-life drama from Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy - we've decided to take a look back at one of the most addictive and talked-about shows in British TV history.

Some of the show's biggest stars have gone on to enjoy very successful careers on TV, with Ben Price picking up the role of Nick Tildsley in Coronation Street, and Zöe Lucker enjoying a run on BBC soap EastEnders.

One of the biggest storylines and perhaps the show's most infamous, was the love triangle that included leading characters Tanya Turner (Zöe Lucker), Amber Gates (Laila Rouass), and Conrad Gates (Ben Price). Conrad's bisexuality would later lead to his cheating even further, with another member of his football squad.

Despite the series being a ridiculous one at the best of times, it didn't shy away from touching on incredibly topical subjects, and shining a light on some of the troubles people face, even when they're in the media spotlight.

One of the show's main characters throughout the first two season was suffering with anorexia, and the third season actually opened with her death after losing her battle with the disease.

There was also the hidden homosexuality for one of the football players, which is still an incredibly important topic to shine a light on in the modern world. There's not a single out-and-proud homosexual Premier League footballer today, but it's a world where it is known there is homosexual players who have decided to remain 'closeted', for a number of different reasons.

You could make the argument that Footballers' Wives paved the way for shocking and controversial dramas of today, and not many people could deny it. Alongside Bad Girls - which followed a group of women in prison who had to often take justice into their own hands - they made television history.

People have been calling for a Footballers' Wives reboot for years now, and whilst that's unlikely to happen, it would be exciting to see the show back on the small screen in some way or another. With the new streaming service Britbox on the way, perhaps it could come to audiences via that platform!

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